Legal Audit and Consulting

Legal audit and consulting demand outstanding experience in an evolving legal world. The skills that I offer in this field are cross cutting as they are drawn from my diverse intervention in other sectors of legal work.

I undertake law review, and law auditing with a focus on enforcement of human rights in national systems, review of implementation of international decisions by governments and multinationals, and review of application of international human rights law, decisions and their impact in domestic systems of African States.

My legal consulting services also extend to advising both governmental and non-governmental actors on an SDG-led alignment of the national judicial, legislative and regulatory frameworks with internationally agreed standards. I undertake such engagements with a human rights based approach to development.

My areas of intervention also include consultancy on various issues such as the drafting and amendment of constitutions, not limited to situations of political transition; advising national human rights institutions, governments and civil society on the best approaches to enhance constitutionalism, the rule of law and good governance.